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Plaza Senayan

Address: Jl Asia Afrika no. 8
Tel : 021 572 5555
Website : www.plazasenayan.com

Located next to the newly built STC, Ratu Plaza and the adjacent Gelora Bung Karno, Plaza Senayan has been a popular choice for well-off teenagers and people who live in South Jakarta s wealthier neighborhoods. The 3 storey building with large atrium in the center routinely accommodates exhibitions for cars, education fairs, fashion, computer technologies, and sometimes music shows. The atrium also houses a landmark cuckoo clock named Maryland that has 6 musical figures that rotate and play hourly. It s a funny phenomenon that people are still mesmerized by it today and stand on the railings to stare at it. (Some even clap - ed)

This mall is always packed with people from shoppers, window-shoppers, and posers. On the first level, you can see people walking around proudly carrying designer labeled bags, after going in and out of a range of international boutiques such as Aigner, Prada, Bally, Boss, and Gucci or locals like Biyan, Gheas, Sebastians, and also (X) SML. This is what most people do here, but of course, with all the money spent, isn’t it worth it?

Not finished yet, this mall has two rival chain department stores as its anchor tenants, METRO and SOGO, both lie on the opposite ends of the building. These department stores frequently offer big discount packages storewide, especially on special days like Lebaran and Christmas Day.

Restaurants and cafes are spread on the second and third levels ranging from International chains (Chatter Box, C21 Boutique Cafe), American franchises at the food court (McDonalds, KFC, Wendys), French (Fleurie, Bistro), Italian (Nannini, Spaghetti House), Coffee houses (Starbucks, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Coffee Club), and Indonesian restaurants(Sari Ratu, Waroeng Pojok).

Top Tips: The cinema for a wide-range of films and Biyan for expensive but beautiful beaded dresses. The bowling alley is also one of the best in Jakarta.

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